About the Author

Una Gott

Una Gott is a proud First Nations member living in Sandy Lake, Ontario. She is an active member of her community, committing herself to several volunteer projects, such as coaching for the Sandy Lake Little League. Her team is the Central Eagles. She is a firm believer in leaving the world a better place, so she works in the renewable energy sector. It wasn’t what she planned to do with her life but she discovered a passion for it. 

She is a proud mother of two teenage boys and three fur babies. She also cares for animals and works hard at helping with strays in her community. She loves to learn and is always looking for opportunities to further her knowledge and experience. She grew up loving to write, often writing short stories for her sisters to enjoy. She also enjoys hobbies that celebrate her Indigenous heritage, like bead work and sewing. She can make traditional moccasins and even does elaborate work with beaded medallions. She enjoys singing and karaoke and can play the guitar.

The Spirit Walker by Una Gott, supernatural fantasy book